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Tulsa Estate Planning Attorney

Protecting Your Family’s Financial Future

Estate planning has various components, but they all serve one purpose: Preserve your family’s wealth. Estate planning lawyers help families protect and maximize their assets for generations to come, ensuring a legacy that lasts for decades. While estate planning is often associated with wills and trusts, Attorney Charles D. Harrison can provide so much more than that.

Eagleton, Eagleton & Harrison, Inc. is a boutique taxation law firm based in Tulsa and serving clients nationwide. Charles Harrison is a tax attorney with over 35 years experience, who represents clients in all aspects of family wealth planning, business and transaction taxation, tax-advantaged activities, and resolution of tax disputes and controversies (civil and criminal) with the IRS and state taxing authorities.

We have extensive experience in the estate planning areas including:

  • Probates
  • Guardianships
  • Revocable Trusts
  • Irrevocable Trusts
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Trust Funding, Administration, Termination, Modification and Amendment
  • Wills
  • Durable Powers of Attorney (Financial and Medical)
  • Living Wills (also known as Advance Directives for Health Care)

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Why Invest in Estate Planning

When doing long-term estate planning, it’s helpful to think of the process as a type of generational transaction. When one generation of a family ages, it’s their responsibility to pass on the family wealth with as little loss and tax liability as possible. That’s where our team comes in. Our job is to create tailor-made solutions for your family’s goals and needs, ensuring a smooth transaction from one generation to the next.

Wills, Trusts & Estate Taxation

One of our most important jobs is ensuring your wealth stays in your family. Rather than allowing the IRS or the state taxation agency to take a chunk of your loved one’s hard-earned legacy, turn to us for a better solution. By creating an enforceable trust, we can help ensure the longevity of your family’s wealth and limit your tax liability.

If you’re planning for the future of your family, call Eagleton, Eagleton & Harrison, Inc. Our firm is designed to operate efficiently, allowing us to focus on each client’s needs. Because we’re a boutique firm, each client receives personalized service—something you won’t find at larger corporate firms. You can expect a tailored approach to your needs when you call our Tulsa estate planning attorney.

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