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One of the most important—yet often overlooked—aspects of a solid estate plan is careful estate taxation planning. Even if you have an estate plan in place, your heirs, loved ones, and assets could be susceptible to sizeable tax penalties. While Oklahoma is one of the numerous states that does not have an estate tax, the federal estate tax will likely still apply unless you take steps to protect your estate.

If you have a high net-worth estate or considerable assets, it is in your best interests to discuss your situation with estate tax lawyer Charles D. Harrison. With more than 35 years of legal experience, attorney Harrison can help you clearly understand your legal options for estate taxation and take action to protect your assets and loved ones. At Eagleton, Eagleton & Harrison, we offer custom estate tax planning solutions for clients across the country.

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How to Minimize Estate Taxes in Oklahoma

As previously mentioned, there is no Oklahoma estate tax. The American Taxpayer Relief Act (2013) allows spouses to combine tax exemptions, meaning you may leave $11.4 million for individuals and $22.8 million for couples without it being subject to the federal estate tax.

If your estate is subject to the federal estate tax, there are certain measures you can take to protect your properties, assets, and heirs.

Attorney Charles Harrison can assist you with the following estate taxation strategies:

  • Placing assets into a trust
  • Establishing revocable living trusts, irrevocable gift trusts, and life insurance trusts
  • Creating trusts for business assets
  • Gifting, including paying college tuition and/or medical bills
  • Establishing beneficiary designations, such as retirement plans and IRAs

Whether you are a business owner or have significant assets you wish to protect, our firm can assist you with your estate tax needs. Attorney Charles Harrison offers personalized solutions tailored to each client’s unique situation and circumstances.

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